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Maximum Data Solutions is an Australian IT consulting firm that specialises in accessible and responsive IT products
and helps job seekers to get an IT job in Australia.

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Accessible Web

Maximum Data Solutions offers elegant, accessible and affordable web solutions since 2009.

Eager to assist government organisations and private companies deliver accessible solutions Max Data offerse a wide range of Accessibility based services, including:

  • Customer tailored responsive and accessible solutions
  • Online Accessibility courses, seminars and webinars
  • Accessibility compliance checks and manual sample testing
  • Automated Accessibility compliance reports
  • Opportunities to ensure your website does not discriminate against people with disabilities, complies with mandatory government regulations and is accessible by everyone

Employment Opportunities

Maximum Data Solutions offers internships programs aiming to assist IT graduates, students and everyone else who aim to work in IT way to competitive Australian IT Market.

  • Ability to greatly improve your skills and resume working on 'real-life' projects
  • Online courses, seminars and webinars
  • Australian experience and skills in 'hot' IT areas: Software Development, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis and Testing.
  • Ability to build your portfolio and personal introduction to the best IT recruiters in Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle (only for the best interns)
  • Preparation for interviews and future work.

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Maximum Data Solutions is currently offering a free Basic QA Package (value up to AU $600).

Our Services


Accessible Web Solutions

Are your customers' websites (or even your own website) accessible or are they 'hidden' from 20% of Australians who suffer from visual and other impairements?
Maximum Data Solutions is an Australian IT consulting firm that offers highly accessible, responsive and affordable IT products and services.

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Accessibility Testing

Organisations with inaccessible online presence 'leave the money on the table', cutting down the share of the market and discriminating potential customers. Max Data offers wide range of testing services from manual to automatic to ensure your web site is and stay accessible to everyone.

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Business Intelligence

Are you struggling to make sense of your data? Data management does not have to be complex or expensive. At Max Data, we are capable of showing you how technology can be affordable. With our years of experience, we can integrate the newest systems so you can get the services you need – at prices that won’t break the bank. Empower your decision makers with the latest technologies BI has to offer.

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Accessibility Training

To convert products into sales, every organisation aims to ensure their products are available and reachable by the widest audience possible. Yet in 2012 a 'whooping' 98% of websites failed basic accessibility compliance standards! Are your developers 'up to the challenge'? Could your testers benefit from the basic Accessibility Training? Max Data offers a broad range of Accessibility Training Resources

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Employment Opportunities

Are you: Fresh out of Uni? Recent graduate? Finishing an IT degree but no idea where to start? Having difficulties finding a job? Trying to get back in the game after a long leave? Lack of experience is stopping you from getting your dream job?
We may have a solution for you

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We would be delighted if you joined us in our crusade for Accessible Web, or shared your experiences getting the first IT job in Australia, or participated in our pro-bono work for major Australian charities.
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Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Packages

Max Data offers wide range of services to assist you deliver elegant and accessible solutions. From free online courses to accessibility training workshops for web developers and testers, from manual sample testing of a single web page to automated testing packages scanning your site for accessibility violations - we offer it all.


  • Up to 3 Web Pages
  • Basic Compliance Report
  • Online Accessibility Fundamentals Course
  • Accessibility Developer Resources
  • A monthly subscription newsletter
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$19.99 /m.
  • 1 Website
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Testing
  • Premium Reports
  • Access to online accessibility resources for Developers
  • Access to online accessibility courses and seminars for Testers
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  • Up to 5 Web Sites
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Testing
  • Automated monthly testing of up to 500 web pages
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Access to accessibility training and development resources
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